Autumn Bath Melts 2019 September 27, 2019 09:48

Delightfully fragrant bath melts will bubble and fizz as they releases a creamy, moisturizing foam into the water. Luxurious bath confections crafted with skin soothing powders blended with cocoa butter and mango butter for soft and silky skin. 

Pumpkin Mallow Bath Melt


Almond Macaroon
Warm, buttery cookies with crushed almond, sugar, warm vanilla and a dash of orange zest.

Berry Bundt Cake
Freshly baked cake with juicy berries, almonds, orange zest, and a dash of cinnamon. Simply delicious!

Blood Orange Marshmallow 
Sweet blood orange fused with whipped homemade marshmallow cream.
Coconut Bon Bon 
Creamy coconut center covered in smooth white chocolate.

Dulce Caramelo
Rich, buttery caramel melted over a smoky cedarwood fire.
Green Pumpkin
Pumpkin puree with leafy greens, fresh apples, fruity pomegranate, lemongrass, and dried figs. 

Pumpkin Blueberry 
A delicious medley of fresh, farm picked blueberries and ripe pumpkins with a touch of autumn spice.

Pumpkin Cake Pop
Spiced pumpkin cake globes frosted with a sugary vanilla glaze.

Pumpkin Chai 
Warm and cozy... A perfect fusion of fresh pumpkin with sweetened, milky chai. Wild pumpkin flowers and frothy milk float over a heart of sugared pumpkin flesh and masala spice leading to a base of black tea, jaggery, and agarwood.

Pumpkin Honey 
Clover honey and warm beeswax drizzled over pumpkin pulp, sweet cream, and blackstrap molasses over a thick layer of harvest spice.

Pumpkin Mallow 
Sweet pumpkin crème brûlée dripping in melted marshmallow and topped with a darkened vanilla bean pod.

Sugar Skull
Tooth achingly sweet candies coated in a sugary glaze.