The Spring Collection March 16, 2016 10:23

The spring collection will debut Sunday, March 20th. Each scent will be available in bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, perfume oil, hair mist, shower gel, shimmer mist, and hair oil.

Orange Blossom Tea Soap

Cloud Nine 
An ethereal clean and creamy white floral blend with billowing white blossoms of Victorian lilacs with wisps of sweet jasmine, white rose, white violet and cherry heliotrope. Floating beneath is a thick layer of fresh cream raining onto a bed of white raspberries.

Snare your dreams, no matter the time! Wild honeysuckle flowers with sugared citrus notes of lemon and bergamot peel at play against a sheer base of orange blossoms, muguet and crisp green leaves.
Choose the path to your own happy ending by virtue of sweet wild strawberries intertwined with woodland roses underscored by mysterious woods, forest earth, and a hint of animal musk.
Orange Blossom Tea
An exquisite, sultry scented blend of orange blossom petals with bergamot, muguet lily, and fresh green notes over a heart of robust black tea accented by a sheer, earthy base of oak, sweet hay, and light musk.
Celebrate with a crisp, clean blend of orchard fruits and garden flowers to invigorate your senses! A fresh concoction of juicy apples, pears, and plums harmoniously blended with herbaceous lavender and lilac grounded with a soft base of woodsy musk.

Escape to a place of tranquility... Crisp green leaves of weeping willows are refined with a splash of green tea and softened with a floral veil of water lily blossoms, winding down to a soft base of warm woods and clear musk.


Spring Bath Melts

Jonquil Bath Melt

Cantaloupe Lily                           
Ripe, juicy cantaloupe and a heady bouquet of Asiatic lilies.
Chamomile Tea                           
A relaxing cup of chamomile tea with fruity nuances of golden apple and apricot.
Dandelion Pear                           
Slightly bitter dandelion perfectly mellowed with fresh, juicy pear.
Dutch Tulips                               
Vividly bright and intense petals of pure tulip bliss.
Honey Blossom                           
Sweet orange blossoms, wild mountain honey, and creamy vanilla.
The beautiful aroma of hyacinths blooming in spring.
Jasmine Grapefruit                      
A perfect balance of heady jasmine flowers and fresh white grapefruit.
Blooming daffodils evocative of honeyed jasmine, hyacinth, and a hint of dark green leaves.
Lemon Rose                               
Fresh lemons tempered with a soft bouquet of red roses. 
Sweet Peas & Rhubarb                 
Heritage sweet peas with hints of tangy rhubarb fruitiness.
Tiger Lily                                   
Fresh-cut lilies and a hint of fresh greenery.
Violet Wine                                
Soft and alluring violets deepened with a drop of wine.

Available in bar soap only! 

Clean, fresh, and invigorating... a garden medley of fresh basil leaves, clary sage and peppermint sprigs accented with a touch of citrus zests, fresh spring flowers and soft, soothing musk.