Bath Melts Return! October 2, 2015 22:10

Twelve different Bath Melts in Halloween treat themed scents are making their debut on Sunday, October 4th. 

Delightfully fragrant bath melts will bubble and fizz as they releases a creamy, moisturizing foam into the water. Luxurious bath confections crafted with skin soothing powders blended with cocoa butter and mango butter for soft and silky skin.



Almond Bar
Toasted almonds and creamy coconut flake enveloped in rich, dark chocolate.
Bit Of Honey
Deep, rich amber honey over a sweet and creamy base.
Blood Orange Marshmallow
Sweet blood orange fused with whipped homemade marshmallow cream.
Blueberry Gumball
Classic bubblegum orbs with a fresh blueberry blast.
Candy Corn
Tri-colored favorite packed full of sweet buttery vanilla, sugar, and corn syrup.
Coconut Bon Bon
Creamy coconut center covered in smooth white chocolate.
Lemon Drop
Yellow jewels with the tartness of pure lemon a generous dash of sugar.
Praline Squares
Baked treats of warm vanilla caramel, dark brown sugar, and buttery pecans.
Pumpkin Cake Pop
Spiced pumpkin cake globes frosted with a sugary vanilla glaze.
Sea Salt Caramel
Buttery homemade caramels sprinkled with sea salt.
Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
Fragrant and delicious fire-roasted pumpkin seeds.
Turkish Delight
Jellied candy flavored with rose water and coated with powdered sugar.