The Holiday Fantastique Collection 2021 October 25, 2021 11:40

A delicious celebration of seasonal treasures for everyone's wish list! The Holiday Fantastique Collection will instantaneously wrap your senses in the scents of the yuletide season.

Turkish Mocha Handmade Soap 

Orchard apples drizzled with buttery caramel faintly entwined with soft woods and smoky vanilla. Perfume oil, hair mist.

Cranberry Fluff
Treat yourself to a mouth-watering fusion of tart cranberries sweetened with crushed pineapple and enveloped in thick marshmallow cream. Perfume oil.
Crème De Cassis
Luscious black currant liqueur enveloped with a froth of fresh cream. Perfume oil.

A mélange of fresh ginger, bergamot, wildflower honey, patchouli, black pepper, and dark cocoa. Perfume oil.

Inspired by the traditional German winter drink of mulled wine... prefect for cold winter days. Black cherry wine over a warm heart of sugar plum, ripe peach, dark cocoa, and leather accented with clove bud and black pepper grounded with incense and oak wood. Perfume oil.

Warm, sweet, and comforting... a winter morning treat by a cozy fireplace. Creamy oat porridge drizzled with milk and honey accented with dried citrus slices, white spice, and the faint smoky aroma of crackling firewood. Perfume oil.

Feeling a bit naughty? Sinister birch switches, dried citrus peel, fresh ginger, and star anise entwined with coriander leaves, French lavender, black patchouli, licorice, and caramelized sugar over a shadowy base of tonka bean and woodsy cedar. Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, perfume oil, hair mist.

Freshly baked gingerbread, brown sugar, creamy butter, and dark molasses dusted with saffron, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon and filled with caramelized chestnuts in thick vanilla cream. Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, perfume oil, hair mist.

A truly delicious confection of sweet almonds creamed in raw sugar with delectable notes of buttery vanilla. Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, perfume oil, hair mist.

Reminiscent of a refreshing walk through a forest of frosted evergreen trees on a snowy winter day. Crisp silver cedar and blue spruce amid lifting notes of citrus, soft herbs and wild mint grounded with smoky musk and vetiver. Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, perfume oil, hair mist.

Tart cranberries, apples, ripe figs, and crunchy walnuts in sumptuous batter of rich golden cake. Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, perfume oil, hair mist.
Frosted wood violets and snow covered blue spruce with just the smallest tease of sugared raspberries and a whisper of jasmine in a base of creamy peppermint lightly dusted with dark chocolate. Bar soap, perfume oil.

Spiked Nog 
The decadent holiday drink... Rich, creamy eggnog sprinkled with freshly grated nutmeg and spiked with a shot spiced rum. Perfume oil.

A regal offering of earthy frankincense, myrrh, and golden amber adorned with a splash of bright mandarin. Perfume oil.

Turkish Mocha
Dark chocolate ganache topped with a dollop of whipped marshmallow meringue and a smattering of roasted hazelnuts immersed in steamy Turkish Coffee spiked with cocoa absolute. Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, perfume oil, hair mist.

Vanilla Bourbon
Playful and inviting, this exquisite gourmet treat features smooth vanilla cream folded into swirls of golden butter with a generous shot of aged bourbon. Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, perfume oil, hair mist.

Juicy apples and orange zest simmering with warm spices of fresh ginger, cinnamon stick, and nutmeg spiked with vintage ale and dark patchouli. Perfume oil.

Envelop yourself in the warmth of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger simmering in buttered rum with indulgent nuances of shaved white chocolate. Perfume oil.


Ambre Lumiere Bath Melt


Bath Melts

Almond Macaroon
Warm, buttery cookies with crushed almond, sugar, warm vanilla and a dash of orange zest.

Ambre Lumiere
Sparkling citrus, earthy moss and light florals grounded with amber, vanilla-musk, and Indonesian patchouli.

Buttered Rum
Simmered rum and vanilla beans topped with fresh whipped cream, a sprinkle of spice, and a sweet dash of toasted coconut.

Danish Butter Cookie
Fresh, buttery European cookies in those lovely holiday tins - buttermilk, burnt sugar, caramel and sweet creamy vanilla.

Hot Cocoa
Curl up in your favorite blanket! Hot cocoa topped with melted, toasty marshmallows.

London Fog
Jasmine and ylang ylang are entwined with rich green citrus and punctuated by ozone and the earthiness of thick moss. 

Rum & Raisin
Delicious rum soaked raisins with notes of butterscotch, caramel creams, and maple syrup.

Sandalwood Vanilla
A sultry blend of West Indian Sandalwood drenched in rich, creamy vanilla.

A tasty treat of sugar, cinnamon, honey, butter, and a smooth base of creamy vanilla.

Sparkling top notes of Valencia orange, bergamot and wild berries are followed by a heart of wild primrose, violet petals, clove leaf and purple lilacs in a base of fresh twigs and white musk. 
Vanilla Noel
A smooth blend of fresh vanilla beans, warm caramel, and comforting cream.

White Birch
Fresh white birch with notes of eucalyptus, mint, cypress, pine, tonka bean, and smoke.