The Valentine Collection 2021 January 30, 2021 11:53

Celebrate romance with an enticing selection of alluring aromas that will make you irresistible. Whether you're feeling sassy, sweet or sensual, they’re sure to add a sparkling touch to your love story.

 Cocoa Bee Handmade Soap


Amber Crush
A purely indulgent and deeply sensual treat! Precious golden amber resins crushed together with dark patchouli and sweetened with a veil of bourbon vanilla. (Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, hair mist, perfume oil)

A tantalizing blend of strawberry, white peach, bergamot, and African tamarind at play with apple blossom and whispers of damask rose leading to a seductive base of tonka bean, coconut milk and white musk. (Perfume oil)

Submit to the sultry and inviting aroma of this enticing creation. Caramelized brown sugar, sweet blackstrap molasses and creamy coconut milk dripping over ripe Moroccan figs floating on a base of vanilla beans and soft white musk. (Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, hair mist, perfume oil)

Café Noir 
Deep, bitter coffee beans brewed with green peppercorns, nutmeg, and coriander nuanced with sequoia wood, Haitian vetiver, and smoky incense. (Perfume oil)

Cocoa Bee 
A indulgent creation of fragrant black honey and warm propolis intermingled with dark cocoa, fiery spice, and shreds of bitter almonds.(Bar soap, hair mist, perfume oil)

French Kiss
Intoxicating and sweetly compelling… a fresh bouquet of floral, herbaceous French lavender with a whisper of bergamot and kissed with sweet, balsamic honey.  (Cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, hair mist, perfume oil)

Smokey, black leather wrapped in a miasma of ylang, neroli, jasmine, carnation, lilac, and tuberose with a gossamer veil of creamy musk. (Perfume oil)

Bring out your sensuous and exotic nature with a mélange of warm amber, animalistic musk, sweet frankincense, and myrrh accented with a touch of dark patchouli and vanilla. (Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, hair mist, perfume oil)

A fated union that was surely written in the stars. Creamy milk and honey drifting over a heart of sultana grapes and sweet berries with intoxicating Tunisian jasmine petals, tuberose, lily of the valley, Madagascar clove, and smokey woods. (Perfume oil)

Love Bite
Sugary ripe raspberries over a blanket of pink and white rose petals with hints of warm musk, sweet and creamy vanilla, and just a delicate breath of white lilies and fresh peonies. (Foaming body scrub, hair mist, perfume oil)

Give yourself that certain “something”. Succulent Japanese yuzu fruit and red mandarin grounded in a sensual, earthy base of dark patchouli. (Perfume oil)

Step into the past with this relaxing present! Earl Gray tea with sweet cream and a wedge of lemon underscored by a fragrant bouquet of English rose and lavender with lingering smoky notes of tobacco, amber crystals and musk. (Bar soap, hair mist, perfume oil)

An enticing mix of sweet raspberry puree, ruby red grapefruit and creamy vanilla combined with deep earthy base of dark patchouli. (Perfume oil)

Let trade winds sweep you away with an exotic and inviting brew of hot, creamed ginger infused with Sumatra coffee and fresh coconut milk. (Perfume oil)

Step out of the darkness with this classical and refined offering, outlined with top notes of rich vanilla liqueur and a heart of black vanilla absolute, vanilla orchids, and warm beeswax with undertones of resinous benzoin, tonka bean, gaiacwood, and sandalwood. (Perfume oil)

Sugar Shack
This delicious confection will make you absolutely edible! Freshly baked sugar cookies with crushed macadamia nuts topped with buttered toffee morsels and drizzled with white chocolate. (Cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, hair mist, perfume oil)

The sound of distant drums complement this lush and exotic blend of dark Madagascar vanilla bean extract with delicate floral undertones of vanilla orchids and a sensual background of amber and crushed cocoa pods. (Bar soap, cream soap, body whip, foaming body scrub, body gloss, hair mist, perfume oil)


Pink Moscato Bath Melt


 Bath Melts


1000 Wishes
Sparkling champagne with hints of apple and peach over crystal peonies, almond crème and sweet sandalwood.

Amber Musk
A romantic pairing of warm amber and rich musk.
Black Heart
Rich black coffee, orange blossoms, and pink peppercorns with hints of patchouli and cedarwood over a base of sweet vanilla and cream.

An alluring blend of light spices and cedarwood with notes of rich tonka bean, warm coconut, and jasmine petals over a base of olive wood, sandalwood, amber, musk and a touch of cocoa butter

Cioccolato Ambrato
Precious amber with rich undertones of sandalwood and musk sweetened with and hints of cocoa bean and vanilla.
Honey Love
A sexy and sweet blend of raw honey, cocoa butter, and chocolate. 

A scrumptious mélange of mandarin, watermelon, green apple, marigold, lily, creme brûlée, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, and a touch of musk.
Little Black Dress
White carnation and blood orange over a heart of sandalwood, black rose, and smoky wood with a kiss of patchouli, a hint of toasted vanilla bean, and whiffs of vetiver, amber, and the tiniest touch of Egyptian musk.
Passion Fruit
Luscious passion fruit underscored with a hint of tropical blossoms over a smooth, musky vanilla background.

Pink Moscato
Heavenly blend of passionfruit, blood orange zest, sweet Moscato wine, Bird of Paradise blooms, and loquat petals over a base of coconut wood, palm musk, and driftwood. 

Strawberries & Champagne
Juicy, fresh strawberries and a glass of sparkling bubbly floating on a warm, sensual background.

Turkish Delight
Jellied candy flavored with rose water and coated with powdered sugar.